Enjoy customized workouts in one of our small group training classes. Work together with your tribe to achieve your fitness goals with a group trainer, in a focused and motivating atmosphere.




This class is designed to shed fat and burn calories through cardiovascular and strength training at designated heart rate points for optimal long term calorie burn.

Triple Play

Resist, Rev, Relax! This class is one part resistance training for lean defined muscles, one part short burst cardio for increased metabolic rate, and one part stretch and relaxation for healthy, balanced joints.

Just Muscle

The goal of this class is to build, define, strengthen, and elicit muscle mass. Lean muscle = higher resting metabolism and higher caloric burn. No muscle is left behind in this class!

Body Shop

We are keeping this class fun and exciting by combining everything from rowing, cardio kick boxing, weights, core and all over Body Conditioning. The goal of this class is to provide strength building, muscle sculpting and total body conditioning.


An entire full body work out, even the heart! Weights and low impact cardio.

Body Conditioning

Utilize perceived exertion in an effort to push your body into the specific zones needed to achieve maximum fat burning. Metabolic conditioning will target fat calories allowing you to continue to burn calories at an accelerated rate long after the workout is complete.